Creating Long-Term Business Continuity
Through Mission-Driven Tribe-Building

It costs FIVE TIMES as much to acquire new customers than to retain existing ones.

Research shows that increasing customer retention rates by 5% can increase profits by 25% to 95%.  Yet most businesses do not have a meaningful customer retention or "tribe-building" strategy.

How are you building your tribe?

You have put in the time and sweat. You have persisted and you have been committed in building your dream. Now you want to scale and grow your business.

tribefii was designed to help you build your tribes through long-term engagement:

  • Create sustainable continuity campaigns with your market place with multiple channels. 
  • Keep them engaged with multiple touch-points.
  • Stay connected with compelling value-exchange.

We make it easier.

tribefii gives you all the functions that you need to quickly build your engagement sequences, with integration with your favourite apps PLUS incredibly powerful tools that saves you time and money to stay connected with your tribe. 

INCREDIBLE starts here.

We know what it is like to have grand dreams.  We want to help you get to yours.

Because we are entrepreneurs too. It doesn't have to be complicated.

Build Your Tribe.

We help you tell powerful engaging stories

The powerful EPICS Adventure Canvas gives you a content framework to develop engaging content and helps you craft compelling stories that will connect and draw your tribe.

We help you connect with your tribe in a meaningful way

The extensive Microsite Management System allows you to easily create multiple highly-customizable touch points to engage your tribe.

We automate your communication with your tribe

The Email Marketing and Auto-Responder Features allow you to schedule and automate your communication with your tribe with easy-to-craft professionally-designed newsletters and emails.

We help you create exchange with your tribe

The multi-channel Blog System is extremely versatile and allows you to share stories and ideas with your tribe in a focussed manner.

We help you manage your engagements with your tribe

The automated Event Management System makes it extremely easy for you to organise online or live-events for your tribe.

We make it easy to create value-exchange with your tribe

The Product System allows you to create online purchases for your tribe.

We just make it easier

Extensive integration with a growing list of popular apps and platforms including Facebook, Shopify, Google, Zendesk, Shutterstock, Chameleon and many more, simply means that you have extensive features and functionality of these apps at your fingertips. 

We have done the technical integration so that you can focus on what you do best.

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