Three Steps To Build Your Tribe.

The Future of Business is Engagement.

We are moving into an era where everything is accelerated. The way we work, live and play is evolving as technology becomes a key differentiator and disruptor.

Humans have to do what humans do best.

The difference would be the way humans connect - the way we engage and interact with each other, and in communities that we call our tribes.

The question is not whether to build a tribe - it is inevitable. The question is what our tribe(s) look like.

And how we can build our tribes without increasing our marketing or advertising costs, especially the high costs associated with acquiring new customers.

TRIBEFII is about Disruption.

We recognise that in an increasingly noisy marketplace, standing out cannot be about spending more money.  It has got to be about the greater value that can only come from deeper and more meaningful connections.

If we want to create a different outcome, we cannot continue to do business as it has always been done.

TRIBEFII is about Your Difference

TRIBEFII meets you where you are. Whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur who is ready to leapfrog, or someone just starting out, TRIBEFII gives you the tools that you need.

The Business Clarity Toolbox is a Tribe-Engagement design stack that helps you get clear on how you can stand out. 

The Five Engagement Point Framework gives you access to create possibilities through Education, E-Commerce, Events, Social Media and Tribe-Exchange.

Three Critical Elements

The three steps to creating kick-ass Tribe-Building Sequences

Intimately Knowing Your Ideal Tribe

The TRIBEFII Tribevatar Blueprint helps you design your ideal tribe.

Beyond just profiling the demographics of your target audience, it helps you understand interaction points that you can leverage to maximise your engagement.

Engage your tribe from where they are - and what they need.

Distinguish between categories, interest groups and niches, and even more importantly, sub-niches.

Understanding your tribe is the foundation for which all engagement occurs.  It makes targetting easier and definitely content copy.

What does your ideal tribe look like?

What is the Promise?

As entrepreneurs and value-creators, there is a promise that we make to our tribe.

Relationships are built on promises. Engagement is created on promises. 

I promise that I will be here for the rest of your life and mine.

I promise that I will get you to where you want to go, overnight.

I promise that if you don't receive it in 30 minutes, you'll get it free.

I promise that it will be the most amazing piece of fried chicken you will ever eat.

I promise the most out-of-this-world fairy tale experience.

We don't take promises lightly and we promise you this - that we will help you build the tribe that you want in the easiest possible manner.

What's your promise?

Pick Your Engagement  

What does your tribe need?

TRIBEFII gives you five connecting points - Education, E-Commerce, Events, Social Media Engagement, Tribe-Exchange.

Make the promise to your tribe who have already invested their trust in you.  And continue to deliver on those promises.

Tell your stories. Keep them entertained. Stay connected.

Communicate with them. 

Build incredible relationships.

Incredible doesn't happen by chance, it's got to be designed and then orchestrated. Helping you do that is part of our promise too.

How will you engage?

Growth is about change.

Your tribe will grow and their needs will evolve.

Your business will grow and evolve.  You will make different promises to your tribe. You may make bigger promises to your tribe.

The only constant in life (and business) is change.

TRIBEFII makes it easier to manage this change - it is part of the growth that you will experience. 

And we too will continue to evolve and make new promises to you.

We look forward to playing with you and supporting you for a long, long time.

How do you want to grow?


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